INdoor mould TESTING SERVICES in geelong

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Mould Scope conducts indoor mould testing services in residential dwellings, commercial, institutional buildings and in facilities that cater to those that may be at higher risk of susceptibility such as immuno-compromised individuals, elderly and children.

The indoor mould assessment aims to provide analysis of the airborne and surface mould contamination whilst demonstrating the source of water ingress with the use of thermal imagining and moisture reading technologies. At the conclusion of the assessment a detailed report is assembled which provides remediation work suggestions to return the environment to previous conditions. The report also demonstrates the emerging trends in air quality with regards to mould and identifies potential objectionable fungal types.

When Should I Test For Mould?

Mould is the most common cause of indoor environmental problems that can cause health issues for occupants. Consider our mould testing services in Geelong for:

  • Unidentifiable odours
    If mould is not visible, but a musty smell is present in your home, office or workplace, a mould assessment can reveal whether or not mould is in a property and the best course of actions for mould remediation.

  • Hidden water damage
    Whether a plumbing leak or torrential downpour has caused water damage, it’s important to test for hidden mould in your property’s ceilings, floors and walls.

  • Post assessment of water damage insurance claims
    If your insurance provider has completed repairs of water damaged property, our mould inspection and testing services will ensure the job has completed properly.

  • On-site immunocompromised individuals
    Anyone who does not have the ability to respond normally to an infection due to an impaired or weakened immune system should have their home or office tested for potentially harmful mould.

  • Purchasing real estate
    Buying a home or investment property is often the largest purchase a person will make. Ensuring real estate is free from harmful mould and allergens should be a priority for home buyers.

What’s Included in a Mould Inspection Report?

Mould Scope provides comprehensive mould testing and identification services in Geelong and Bellarine, complete with an analytical laboratory report that includes:

  • Temperature and Humidity Readings

  • Moisutre Levels

  • Fungal and Mould Genus Identification

  • Infrared Imaging

  • Water Source Identification