microbiology laboratory services

Our laboratory is committed to 24 hour turn around time on all non-viable samples.

Non-viable results received within 24 hours

Non-viable results received within 24 hours

Mould Scope's microbiology laboratory services offer non-viable fungal spore enumeration and genus identification of tape lifts and air samples. Viable fungal enumeration and species identification of microbiological active air sampling can also be carried out.

All Laboratory personnel have completed certifications at McCrone Research Institute in:

  • Indoor Air Quality: Fungal Spore Identification

  • Indoor Air Quality: Identification of Fungal Cultures

Our sample analysis follows the ASTM D7391-17 “Standard Test Method for Categorization and Quantification of Airborne Fungal Structures in an Inertial Impaction Sample by Optical Microscopy”.